Thursday, November 15, 2007

POP woes with Yahoo Mail

I'm pretty happy with Yahoo Mail, having been a customer since the service first started, however, I'm having some problems now that I've started using POP access.

Throughout the day, I get prompted by Mail on Mac OS X to reenter the password for my two POP accounts (one for my "" email address and one for my "" address). This happens probably 10 or more times per day. It also happened when I was using Microsoft Outlook 2007 on Windows XP. Oh, and yes, I am checking the "remember my password" checkbox.

Naturally, I contacted Yahoo Business Mail tech support with low expectations of their ability to diagnose and correct the problem, assuming that if I see it from both Mac OS X and Windows, chances are the problem's on their end. Needless to say, my low expectations were met and not exceeded.

Several times each day, I have to reenter my POP password, and it's getting annoying. Anyone else seeing these problems?

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