Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Health insurance for Facebook users?

Here's what I know.
  • Health insurance providers are businesses.
  • Businesses need customers.
  • Many people in the US either don't have health insurance or they have overpriced, catastrophic-only coverage plans (like me).
  • Facebook has lots of users. Lots.
Given what I believe to be true above, what if Facebook negotiated health insurance rates for group coverage for its entire eligible user base, then each participating user could pay the rate themselves? Imagine that. This could be the largest group policy in the history of the US, with all members of the group benefiting from the economies of scale, and the provider gaining a potentially huge number of customers. Facebook could even take a small piece for putting it all together.

What constitutes a "group" when it comes to a group healthcare policy? Could Facebook users constitute such a group?

What do you think?

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