Sunday, March 11, 2012

BitBucket offers free unlimited git PRIVATE repos

I am really growing to like git and the distributed way of version control and I have to acknowledge GitHub as a very popular place for social coding.  I've noticed one thing, though, that's prevented me from using it: you have to pay for private repositories (US$7/mo as of this writing).

Fortunately, I noticed that BitBucket, from Atlassian, not only has added git support (I was using it with Mercurial), they also support unlimited public and private repositories and up to five users for free, with reasonable paid plans from there.

In fact, all plans support unlimited public & private repos, and it seems to have most if not all of the same bells & whistles (issue tracking, wiki, pull requests, etc). I think it beats GitHub for small projects that you don't want to share just yet (if ever).

I wonder what would have happened if BitBucket had offered git before GitHub did -- maybe BitBucket would have been the new, cool place to store your code!

Anyway, just thought I'd let people know about the great service.

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